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Teaching with the Webis a compilation of ideas for using WWW resources as a language teaching tool. It also offers links to sites that have pedagogical information. If you would like to contribute your ideas or have any comments please visit our comments page.

Language Learning Activitiesthe first several sites cover multiple languages while the latter section covers specific languages.

German | French | Spanish | ESL/EFL | Italian | Asian Languages | Russian | African Languages

BBC - Education: offers fun listening comprehension activities for French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Each language offers several topics to choose from, a transcript of the audio segments, and links to other resources for that language.

Internet Activities for Foreign Language Classes: lesson plans which incorporate web sites for Spanish, French, and German educators. These ideas were created by FL teachers during a summer seminar at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Web Art and Feature Film Activities: a wonderful site that offers pre, during, and post viewing activities for Art exhibits and feature films. Activities available for French, Italian, and Spanish levels A, B, and C. portal of language learning materials maintained by the UW Internet Scout Project. Includes links to learning materials for French, Japanese, and Spanish.

LinguaWeb: some online activities for French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Others coming soon. Elementary to intermediate and mostly translation focused.

The Virtual Picture Album: a wonderful resource of photos and teaching ideas for integrating authentic cultural documents into your instructional goals. Resource provided by as part of the Less Commonly Taught Languages Project at University of Minnesota


German 101: culture rich Web exercises for your beginning students.

German for Travellers: includes a variety of exercises at the novice level, grammar explanations, reading materials, tests, and dictionaries.

Deutsche Welle German Course: two courses are available here. One is a general language course and the other is a business language course. Both incorporate MP3 files to provide audio input for students.

Deutsche Internet Chronik Gegenwartskultur: German web exercises for elementary to advanced language students. Great resource using authentic texts for reading comprehension. Also see his growing Deutsche Internet Projekte.


Le Sénégal: six short video clips and their transcripts just waiting for your lesson.

Resources W3 de la civilisation fran*aise: several exercises on topics such as food, economy, transportation, history, family and more. Self-correcting format.

Make French Your Business: through the use of short video clips and online exercises, learn some of the basics to communicate in French with companies.

French Teaching Site: includes online exercises using RealAudio, some grammar help, and links to tools to help you create some of your own exercises.

FrenchAssistant: numerous online exercises with sound. Registration is free but you must register in order to have access to the media.


Ejercicios de lengua española: a site full of great exercises that incorporate language and culture. Option to have students email their answers to you, coming soon.

Más arriba: a great practice resource for your students. Offers online exercises for many vocabulary and grammar concepts. Self check answers available and links to vocabulary help.

Proyecto Sherezade: new stories in Spanish posted monthly. Each one is interactive with glossed text, grammar and comprehension exercises as well as discussion topics.

Ejercicios de gramática de la lengua española: all sorts of grammar exercises with self-checks included.

Spanish Grammar Exercises: a wonderful practice resource for all those fine tune grammar points that students struggle with so often. Try it out!

Una Aventura Dominicana: we've almost all used Ojalá que llueva café at some point in our teaching. This website provides a guided reading/listening tour of this famous song. In addition, photos of the Dominican and links to sending virtual dominican musical postcards and more.

Juegos y Canciones: this site offers games and songs for learning Spanish. The activities are primarily for elementary students but might be fun in an energetic secondary or higher classroom.


ESL Lab: full of listening comprehension activities for use with your students. Neatly organized by difficulty level. Listen to the audio segment and answer the questions based on what you hear.

Takako's Great Adventure: a great way to put an authentic voice in our students head while they are doing reading activities. There are also worksheets to go with each exciting day of Takako's adventure taking the student from the "what happened" level to a deeper inference level of comprehension.

Learning English on the Web: online activities are broken down into listening and speaking, reading with understanding, and grammar and writing. In addi tion there are some great links to other ESL/EFL resources.

Useful Resources, Lesson Plans, and Teaching Materials for Teachers : This site is geared toward ESL but the ideas could be useful for all languages. Here you will find lesson plans for the web as well as teaching materials, resources, and links to student projects.

The English Department: lots of reading comprehension exercises based on current media.

Interactive JavaScript Quizzes for ESL Students: all kinds of self correcting practice quizzes for grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation.

Online Assessment tests: these tests posted by the Churchill school offer beginner to advanced online tests.


Oggi E Domani: a 20 lesson online Italian course. Includes sound bytes for listening practice, grammar exercises, bulletin board, chat room and more.

Asian Languages

Web n'Wa: 20 lessons with vocabulary and cultural explanations; each lesson has a test with a self-check; the course also offers two conversation practice activities.

MIT Japanese Language Materials: reading and writing materials, quizzes, and practice of Kana and Kanji systems.

Speech on an On-demand Network: Kana dictation lessons. If you don't have your browser set for java applets, there are instructions here.

Authentic Chinese Text: a story on entitled "Eyewitness Account: Arrest of a Criminal Suspect" is presented with pre and post activities which move the student through various levels of comprehension and production.

Learning Chinese: enter the classroom to practice the audio files with text, or the reading room and games room for a little challenge.

cjvlang: a site focused on Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese teaches some basic language as well as much of the culture surrounding it.

Mengajar Bahasa Indonesia: for teachers and learners of Indonesian, here you will find thematic worksheets, links, and resources for speakers of English learning Indonesian.


Russnet Online: all kinds of interactive tutorials both web-based and downloadable. Includes such focuses as Business Russian, Folktales, and Russian Women Today.

Russian Interactive Reference Grammar: don't miss this wonderful resource including thorough grammar explanations as well as interactive practice modules.

Sample strategy-based reading Lesson in Russian: developed by Irene Thompson at the University of Hawai'i, this site demonstrates the glossing possiblities that assist language learners with reading tasks. Built with a strong pedagogical foundation. Don't miss it!


Swahili Exercises For Listening And Reading : In these exercises students fill in the blanks in the dialog based on the audio files. This is followed by questions that students can answer and then email to their instructor.

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