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Teaching with the Webis a compilation of ideas for using WWW resources as a language teaching tool. It also offers links to sites that have pedagogical information. If you would like to contribute your ideas or have any comments please visit our comments page.

Teaching Resources Remember the WWW is a tool to enhance instruction. You can employ many of the same teaching methods and activities as before just on a different medium and using resources from around the world.

Merlot: if you are looking for lessons this is a great place to go. Merlot offers an annoted collection of peer reviewed web lessons and resources.

Languages: tons of great FL methodology info links here. Includes hot topics such as multiple intelligences, distance learning, learning styles and more. Also provides language specific links.

Weboscope: if you haven't yet found the instructional resources you are looking for in French, this one is worth checking out. Links to many sites offering online instructional materials as well as authentic materials for you to incorporate.

Internet Foreign Language Studies Workshops: although it is geared to German this site links to a variety of activities and projects which demonstrate computer assisted language learning from language labs to the Internet.

Lesson Plans and Resources - ESL, Bilingual, and FL Teachers: : a wonderful selection of resources by Professor Marty Levine of California State.

Web Projects: several articles with guidelines for online student projects. You can also check out student websites and projects such as the Famous Japanese Personages Project organized by Tom Robb, the author.

Interclass Projects on the Internet: here you will find an explanation of interclass projects as well as links to description of already developed projects.

International Accents and Diacriticals: Theory, Charts, & Tips:look here for all the keycode info necessary to meet your keyboarding needs.

ePALS Classroom Exchange: meet other classrooms from around the world in this easy to use web chat environment. Enter as a visitor and if you enjoy it, register your school for free.

Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connections: Looking for E-pals for your students? Here's the place to begin. This free service helps teachers and classes link with partners in other countries and cultures for email classroom pen-pal and project exchanges.

International Tandem Network: Language learning in tandem partnerships.

Polyglot: Language Exchange: this site offers individuals opportunity for penpals or chat rooms without it being a full class project.

Teaching with the Internet: Patricia Pecoy has a wonderful site offering links to language associations, language learning and technology resources, and much more. Another great resource is Pat's Teachers' Aides section. Don't miss it.

New Tools for Teaching: links include documents on the effectiveness and possibilities for incorporating the Internet into your instruction; how it works, what it costs, time involved, etc.

Language Interactive: web forms and CGI Scripts for Language Learning. A useful guide to writing your own computerized language learning exercises. Includes some downloadable scripts for those who would prefer to not write their own.

Interactive Exercise Makers: a Mellon grant led to the making of this wonderful FL resource. You can find templates for all types of web-based learning activities including cloze exercises, multiple choice, text glossing, matching, drag and drop, and much more.

Teachers-Pet: a series of macros for Word available for free download that turn your Word documents into flashcards, gap-fill exercises, multi-choice exercises, and much more.

Hot Potatoes: University of Victoria Language Centre offers this software solution to creating interactive web-based teaching materials. Check it out!

Virtual Chase - Information Quality: for instructors and students wanting to cite or create web pages. This website offers way to evaluate web - based materials.

Community Learning Network: Network Nuggets Languages is a wonderful resource of links for teaching languages as well as offering a listserve that will inform you of the many interesting educational sites they find.

PedagoNet: includes a database of materials for learning and an online request for the materials you need.

EDSITEment: a growing collection of humanities resources on the web. Updated regularly so visit often.

Lesson Plans Page: if you are still looking for lesson plans, here is another well organized site for you search.

Computer Assisted Language Learning: a great insight on using CALL can be found here in addition to general language learning resources. Nice work Jim!

On-Line Resources and Journals: ELT, Linguistics, and Communication : a fairly extensive list of publications and Internet resources of interest to language instructors, particularly ESL/EFL.

FL Teach: foreign language teaching academic list. A great resource of ideas and academic discussion.

Teaching Resources from Ohio University: links to teaching with technology resources as well as links by language.

Teach-nology: a fabulous resource for making quick worksheets, rubrics, games, and viewing materials created by other teachers.

Blue Web'n: learning applications library. This comprehensive and well organized site is for educators, parents and students alike. Includes a search feature or a clickable table for lessons, projects, resources and much more in all disciplines!

Kidlink : for those of you teaching 10-15 year old kids this is a wonderful link to network your students with others around the world. Discussions of how they see the world and future include topics of ecology, science, art, and anything else they find important. A wonderful place to explore.

Children's Songs and Nursery Rhymes: Mamalisa presents children's songs and nursery rhymes from all over the globe presented both in English and their native languages. Some even offer a musical tune. Try these to spice up your class.

Links for Teachers: If you haven't found what you are looking for yet, you might try this site.

EdHelper: over 200 language learning lessons here among other resources.

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