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Language Learning and Technology Publications

The field of Language Learning and Technology is widely studied. Below you will find links to some online publications discussing various topics of interest as you design materials for use with your students.

Language Learning and Technology: a fully-refereed journal for second and foreign langauge educators. The focus is on language learning and language teaching, and how they are affected or enhanced by the use of technologies.

Networking With Foreign Language Colleagues Professional Development on the Internet: on the side of professional development this article discusses the use of a listserve for professional development. Written by the moderators of FLTeach, Jean W. LeLoup & Robert Ponterio.

An Evaluation of the Usefulness of the Internet in the EFL Classroom: a thesis submited by Johan Graus Nijmegen, The Netherlands 1999.

The World Wide Web: Taking on the Pedagogical Challenge: this is one article from On the Horizon, a publication on integrating productivity tools in instruction. More articles of interest on all topics of technology in education available. Of particular interest are those found under Focus on Technological Tools.

From Now On The Educational Technology Journal: find articles on learning with technology for all content areas. Also includes a reading list, workshop, and conference info, as well as many other options.

English Teachers, Prepare Yourselves for the Digital Age: this article by Edward Tanguay discuss the growing importance of the Internet in English teaching and its potential in the future. These ideas may be applied to other languages as well.

Klaus Schwienhorst Papers: you will find several interesting papers here on such topics as Moos and the construction of virtual environments for language learners.

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