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Why is the world "upside down"? Whoever said that north had to be "up" and south had to be "down". My hope in creating these pages is that you take a new look at the world and its many languages, cultures, peoples, differences and similarities. Not all people live and think as you do. I welcome you to explore these other worlds through the many resources now available electronically.

Language Links was created in 1996 to serve students and teachers of world languages who primarily are studying and/or working outside of the country where these languages are spoken. While I do not list all of the languages of the world, the languages chosen are those which are taught at the University of Wisconsin.

This site is maintained and updated regularly. Sites listed are free educational resources thought to be useful for learners and researchers as well as the idle traveler seeking general information prior to an excursion. Cultural, linguistic, media and historic information can be found by language in these pages. Instructors are invited to create exercises using links to the resources found here. Also visit the Teaching with the Web page to find exercises and activities other instructors have developed with web-based materials.

Please note: I do not list the following types of content:

  • Language schools
  • Study abroad programs
  • Purchaseable materials

I welcome your comments and link suggestions. Please use my comment form.

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