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Language Learning Centers and Associations

Language Learning Centers and Associations throughout the world support and encourage the use of technology. At the following sites you may find a combination of pedagogical applications and links to sites specific to languages. Additionally you will find information specific to each learning center and associations geared toward language education.

Swarthmore College Language Lab: language specific links, satellite broadcast information, and other language resources.

Dartmouth Language Resource Center: a variety of links to languages taught, center information, and resources by country.

Carnegie Mellon Language Learning Center: info on the center and links to language resources based on the languages offered at CMU.

Language Centre at the University of Sussex: info on the center, foreign language courses available, and net language sources.

The Language Acquisition Center: Info on the University of Texas at Arlington language center. Also includes some language related links.

Center for Applied Second Language Studies : excellent resource for curriculum, assessment and research projects.

UMass FLRC: offers links to info on the foreign language resource center and in the near future other language web sites.

ACTFL: The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages home page provides links to the associations instructional mission, publications, membership and conference information.

The Canadian Association of Language Teachers: Most of their activity seems to be in English, French, German and Spanish. Take a look at what the Canadians are doing.

Concordia Language Villages: If you are looking for a way to immerse your students in the target language and culture but can't afford to leave the U.S., check out the programs offered here. There are also summer programs for instructors to learn about immersion education through observation of the camps in progress.

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